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Computer Science Week


Computer Science Week

Irelands First EVER Computer Science Week

Ireland’s first ever Computer Science Week took place October 8th to 15th, 2022. On October 13th, the PDST Computer Science Team hosted a National Conference, supported by the Department of Education and PDST Technology in Education. Presentation Clonmel were delighted to have an opportunity to showcase the work we do in the school to promote Computer Science. Three students, Mary, Shannon and Lauren with their Computer Science teachers Ms.O’Leary and Ms.Hogan, travelled to Athlone to attend the conference.

Computer Science became a Senior Cycle subject in 2018 and Presentation Secondary School Clonmel was the first school in Tipperary to introduce the programme as a chosen pilot school.

Some of the skills that students learn in Computer Science include:

  • Computational Thinking – How to solve problems and think creatively
  • Programming Languages – A computer language is what programmers use to develop software programs, scripts, or other sets of instructions for computers to execute.
  • Computer Systems – What is going on inside a computer and how it works
  • Learning by doing – Learning practically through project work  
  • Computers and Society – Ethics and Social implications of computers
  • Problem – solving – Students will plan, design and build solutions to real-world problems
  • Design and development – Students are creators and designers of technology

Computer Science courses are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after areas of study. It is relevant in all sectors of the economy from banking to pharmaceutical and everything in between. Almost all career paths now involve working with tech in some way and skills that students learn in Computer Science are in high demand. Leaving Cert Computer Science is a pathway to careers such as software programming, data analytics or information technology.

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