Presentation Secondary School Clonmel
Science Week


Science Week

As a society, we have shown our resilience and ability to withstand adversity, bouncing back from difficult challenges we face in our daily lives and as a collective.

Science is an important part of a shared better future – helping us to understand our world, inspiring new opportunities and providing potential solutions. From the infinite variety of our amazing planet and the adaptability of nature to our ability to face the unexpected, the possibilities are endless. We have many choices to make and more challenges to face and in Presentation Secondary School Clonmel our Science Department pride themselves in enabling our students to become independent thinkers both in class and outside the classroom. This is celebrated during science week and throughout the year via a wide variety of activities. For example, our Partnerships with local industries: Abbott, Boston Scientific, Camida. School trips, speakers, varies competitions BT young Scientist, Sci Fest, Reel life Science, SOPHIA project to name but a few.

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